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Realistic sounding and easy to use. This complete elk calling system includes Slayer’s push button cow call and the Swagger bugle tube. Buy back up reeds here.

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Slayer’s all-in-one external elk call is guaranteed to create the most realistic sounds in the woods. It’s a push call, which means it uses an internal reed, just like a typical mouth reed, but all the work is done within the call. We’ve even included a silicone rubber “tongue” that’s identical in shape and texture to a human tongue. Enchanted?

To operate this call, the user simply pushes a button, depressing the tongue on the reed while blowing. Our Enchantress push call can make every elk sound necessary to call in the biggest bulls. Get tips on how to use the Enchantress from Cody McCarthy, Slayer’s head of product innovation. Also, check out these six instructional videos on using the Enchantress

Slayer’s push button cow call attaches to our Swagger bugle tube (included with this combo) to create impressive bulges and lip bawl bugles. Easily connect and disconnect this call from the tube to make lifelike cow sounds and bugles. 

The design of this external elk call is so revolutionary, we have a patent pending on this product. Others have tried to develop external calls that produce elk sounds, however the Slayer Enchantress is the most realistic sounding push call on the market. Check out our sound file to hear it for yourself!

Each Enchantress includes one reed. We recommend buying a few back up reeds for the season. Also, as a friendly reminder, reeds wear out. Most elk reeds last roughly 2 to 4 weeks. The longevity of a reed can be impacted based on how you store them, how much you are using them, and how much pressure you are putting on the Enchantress call when blowing. Please make sure you store the Enchantress in a cool area to protect the call and reed from the heat.

Slayer gives 10% from each purchase to organizations that protect the environment and wildlife, support conservation efforts and preserve America’s hunting heritage.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.75 × 1.75 in

Enchantress, Enchantress with Bugle


5 stars based on 92 reviews

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92 reviews for Enchantress Elk Slayer Combo

  1. Aladin

    Easiest Call to use! Really glad I made this purchase. Looking forward to using this in the upcoming seasons

  2. Amanda Yeadon (verified owner)

    Easiest elk call to use and master. Most realistic sounding call we’ve found….worth the investment! Great customer service. Will be buying from Slayer Calls in the future!

  3. Jason Green (verified owner)

    I love this call. After a few years on the tube call, I figured it was time to up my game, but have never been good with reeds. The cow call on this is so realistic, I just shocked how easy it is. And the bugle, wow!!! It will take a little practice, but your learning curve is so much higher on this than anything else I have ever used. You have to get this!

  4. Jonathan morse (verified owner)

    Great product that works beautifully

  5. Jimmy Corder (verified owner)

    It is soooo easy to use and sounds so real , thanks for making a great product

  6. Zack McGlothern (verified owner)

    Slayer calls has gone above and beyond to ensure that my trips are successful for elk. I seen an ad for the enchantress call on Facebook, but was a little bummed out that it was out of stock. I had sent them a message on Instagram asking when I would be able to purchase the car and was told it would be in stock in a month or so. Fast forward a few weeks and I get another message from them stating that the call is back in stock. With a limited number of them available. I was ecstatic to be able to get first grab at some thing that I was truly excited to use. After many failed attempts at mouth calls, and some other Reed style calls that just didn’t sound right to me, I was ecstatic to be able to try this gal out. A couple of days of practice and I can now go into the woods for my hunt in a few weeks, but the upmost confidence that I will be able to attract animals to me with the enchantress. Slayer calls has quickly become my go to for Animal attraction. I’m looking forward to filling my tags as well as clients with this gem.

  7. Loren Ashley (verified owner)

    I have always had a hard time keeping a consistent tone while trying to bugle with diaphragms. A co-worker showed me a video about the Enchantress so I figured I give it a shot. I’ve never been more happy about a purchase in my life. I ain’t a pro by any means but, my son and I bugled in a nice bull with this setup. We didn’t get the bull but my 6 yr old son got to be there with me when I bugled in my first bull. Super easy call and well worth the money. Great job Slayer Calls!! I love this bugle/cow call set up!

  8. Harvinder Singh (verified owner)

    It is a great product and is easy to use…can’t wait to test it during hunting season!

  9. Zachary

    Out done yourselves with this call!! Took it archery hunting called in so many elk it was crazy!! These have a great sound and they work!!

  10. Alan (verified owner)

    I’ve never really been the bugling type, mainly spot and stalk. In the past when I’ve tried to bugle or cow call the elk just seem to wonder off or shut up. I got the Enchantress and tried it for the first time last week and had 4 bulls all bugling right back at me!! It was amazing! This thing is fun to use and I’m excited to get better and better at it! Can’t wait to get back in the mountains and call some more! You just keep watching this website, I’ll be submitting a picture of the bull I harvest after calling it in with my new Enchantress!

  11. Shane Farella

    What a great product and very well built. From the diaphragms to the enchantress there products are legit. I will continue to keep using there products. Like another person said they follow up and make sure your happy with the product you received. If there is anything thing else they can help with. 5 Stars isn’t enough for this company and product!!

  12. Jon Cox (verified owner)

    Great Call that anyone can pick up and start calling with no matter your experience calling. The customer service is on point.

  13. Doug (verified owner)

    I am 66 years old and due to dental problems and 2 bouts of cancer I can not use a mouth reed. I have tried external reed calls with no luck, Slayer calls were able to help me get ahold of one of there Enchantress calls. I can not believe how easy it is for me to use, Incredible bugles that sound real. Now I can participate in calling with my son and hunting partners. I love archery Elk and after all my medical mishaps I’m still going and now happier than ever. I can’t say enough about Slayer calls, they made this old man very happy. Thank You to Slayer calls, best call on the market Barr none.

  14. Matthew Baker (verified owner)

    This call sounds great and is really easy to use. I bought it with the bugle tube. The ” how too ” videos are great as well! I really appreciated the follow up email asking me if I received my order, with no issues, and how I liked the product! Great Job! Top notch!

  15. Brian (verified owner)

    Just received the Enchantress call. Very well made and super easy to use. I’ve used diaphragm and squeeze calls and this one seems to work the best for me with respect to providing realistic elk vocalizations. That is, I can intuitively mimic what I hear by varying thumb pressure and air volume.

    I practiced around the house, and in the truck until I was confident. Took it out into the woods and tried it on some cow elk. They responded and came in towards me. I especially appreciate the ability to manage the volume.

    It begins soon, wish me luck!

  16. W. Taylor (verified owner)

    Super easy to use. Very well made. I can’t wait to use it this elk season. Slayer is my new go to company for elk calls.

  17. Justin Smith (verified owner)

    Great products works as advertised can’t wait to see how it works in the field this September!

  18. Joe Hanich (verified owner)

    I’ve tried using diaphragm calls before and I just don’t sound great…. Using this right out of the box, the cow call couldn’t be easier and I have a decent bugle. With a little practice, I’ll be dialed. I can’t recommend this product enough. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to step their call game up.

  19. Blake Knoll

    Great product! Works as advertised. I am a beginner to elk calling and this product has made it much easier.

  20. Boone Bugger (verified owner)

    Love it! This helps me create the tones and pitches so much easier than a traditional bugle tube. Looking forward to getting in the woods.

  21. Adam Stocki (verified owner)

    I’m one of those guys that reads an ad and is very skeptical that the product being marketed is actually as good as they say. I thought I would give it a try as I struggle to use diaphragm calls and I tell you what this Enchantress did not disappoint at all. Easy to use and the videos they provided me just helped me to refine using this call. Looking forward to giving it a go with my new call this September. Slayer calls has definitely delivered here for anyone one willing to give them a try. Thank you Slayer Team for helping this hunter out. I highly recommend this call to anyone interested in it.

  22. Chris – Marksman’s Creed (verified owner)

    This call is a gamechanger for anyone that struggles with diaphragm calls! My wife has never been able to get diaphragm calls to work for her until now! We have tried other external reed calls but nothing even compares to the Enchantress in ease of use and overall sound quality on bugles. I can’t get over how good the cow sounds are with it also. We are ready to put this thing to use in September. Great work by the Slayer Team!

  23. Drew D. (verified owner)

    Super easy to use, and has a great sound. Customer service is also excellent!

  24. Taylor Bokshowan (verified owner)

    As a newbie this set up is so easy to use and sound realistic. I can’t recommend it enough.

  25. Brian (verified owner)

    Very easy to use no matter what level of experience you have. Seems to be made of quality material. And the sound is excellent. Can’t wait to hit the field with it

  26. Jeff Kmoch (verified owner)

    In fairness, I just received the call and haven’t hunted with it yet. That said…the call sounds great and seems pretty straightforward. By my ear, the call sounds great! I go elk hunting every year, so I have a pretty good idea what they sound like and I hear calls all the time. This call seems to emulate cow and bull calls pretty well.

  27. Austin (verified owner)

    Very beginner at elk calling, and I can make this thing sound really good, would recommend to anyone wanting to mimic the sounds of elk!

  28. Joshua Robinson (verified owner)

    It was just happenstance that i came across the Enchantress after a simple search. But i am glad it popped up!
    The Enchantress is such a clean design that answers the question, how can we make calling in the big elk and the cows with the same call? Enchantress enters the chat!
    This call is so well thought out and even easier to use. Absolute newbie here while out on the trail and i called in a few elk last weekend just winging it. A must have if you want to speak the language.
    Thank you Slayer for the excellent product and craftsmanship!!

  29. Randy Helgeson (verified owner)

    This is really easy to use. Especially since I am new to elk hunting. I don’t need to be scaring them off when it’s hard enough just to find them. The fact that the cow call is apart of it helps keep everything compact and easy to get to!

  30. Steve Casselman (verified owner)

    Awesome product and easy to use can wait to use it this September!

  31. Fred (verified owner)

    I’ve struggled trying to be consistent with a diaphragm.
    My son, who always calls in my bulls, suggested I try the Enchantress (I think he would like for me to return the favor.)
    I met the Slayer crew at the Northwest Mountain Challenge that same week. The first day I purchased one for myself and took it home to try after some very effective instruction by the Slayer staff. The learning curve was fast. The next day I went back to purchase one for two of my hunting crew..
    I’ed highly recommend !!!

  32. Nate (verified owner)

    Best call out there on the market. Very easy to use. Can’t wait for September to use this on those bugling bulls. Slayer is a top notch company that won’t let you down. Not just this call but they have so many other that will fit your needs. Thanks again slayer.

  33. Josh (verified owner)

    Super easy to use and makes great sounds right out the box, even for a beginner like me. Excited to try it on my hunts starting next month!

  34. Jake (verified owner)

    Simple to use and makes great sounds!

  35. Aaron Mcgonigle (verified owner)

    Smooth as silk and easiest call to use if you cant use a diaphram! A+ service as well!

  36. Kristopher Bouldin (verified owner)

    Great customer service and fast shipping. Most importantly this is the easiest most realistic sounding call I’ve ever used. Took about 30 minutes to absolutely master. I’m very impressed and thankful!

  37. Greg Peace (verified owner)

    For the beginner elk hunter, this call is perfect! Easy to use, and produces quality elk sounds. Can’t wait to put it to use in the elk woods this Sept.

  38. Jason LaBeck (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast got mine in two days much appreciated. I have played with the cow call and am super impressed by the tone,pit h,and ease of use. The real test is 6 weeks out.

  39. Jacob edwards (verified owner)

    For someone who can use reeds this call easy to use. Can’t wait for the field test on it this fall.

  40. Cody Johnson (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping on this call.
    Looks and feels very well made. There wasn’t any instructions on use – so I just watched Demo video and gave it a shot.
    Since I am unable to use a mouth call without spitting or drooling all over myself – I was extremely happy to be able to make decent cow and bull calls immediately. Whether they are realistic to an actual animal – we shall see in September.
    Very optimistic that this time I won’t scare away everything in the forest!

  41. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great call especially for a guy who can’t handle reeds! I’m really happy with the purchase.

  42. Jim Elz (verified owner)

    After receiving my Enchantress cow elk call. I quickly realized how easy it is to produce realistic cow calls. I am amazed with this call it is far superior to the bite down calls. I am confident with 35years of archery elk hunting that this call will bring in elk the rest of the hunt as always will be up to us.

  43. Dan Ugoretz (verified owner)

    Not often do you get something that works as well as advertised but this call didn’t disappoint. I would highly recommend this call to anyone. Customer service is top notch.

  44. Luke Hedquist (verified owner)

    Great call, especially for consistent long-tone and growl. Call aside, this is the best service I’ve experienced in a while. Email, text, videos. They really strive for satisfaction and it shows. Well done.

  45. John S. (verified owner)

    I bought this for my son to use as he was having trouble with a mouth reed. He and I both were able to make cow / calf sounds and bugles almost immediately. The cow / calf sounds seem to be easier for my son right now, but he’s doing well with bugling and improving regularly.

  46. Charmaine Leath (verified owner)

    THE best cow call I have tried! Easy to use, able to mimic different cow tones, realistic and overall great sound range. Plus, it arrived quickly! Thank you Slayer Calls for the best call on the market!

  47. Bill Mossman (verified owner)

    This call was making beautiful tones and calls right out of the box! Of course I need to practice but it is super simple with little setup time. I’ve been calling elk for almost thirty years and I have become a picky call buyer. I’m very pleased with my Slayer call!!

  48. Dennie (verified owner)

    Very well built call easy to use. Can’t wait for the field test on it this fall.

  49. Jeremy Rice (verified owner)

    Really easy to use, And sounds great! Can’t wait till October.

  50. Cole fern (verified owner)

    Great sounds easy to use rookie to expert

  51. dnidd (verified owner)

    Excellent call, love it

  52. Hugh (verified owner)

    The enchantress is a very easy to use call, I’ve used many all kind of calls and this one has the broadest usage out of anything. The shipping was fast and the videos on how to use are a great starting tool.

  53. Flynn Kenny (verified owner)

    For someone who can’t use mouth reeds, this call is a saviour, easy to use cow call! Perfect sound, the bugle is a little trickier but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy money!

  54. dnidd (verified owner)

    Excellent call. Struggled making consistent calls with a diaphragm. This is the answer, can’t wait for fall

  55. Keith Polebitski (verified owner)

    This call is the absolute best! Very easy to use and makes excellent cow calls. You can make it loud to very soft while making accurate sounds. Can’t wait for September to put it to good use.

  56. Michael (verified owner)

    I saw them at the Edmonton Boat& Sportsman Show. Very impressed right away. I ordered one immediately and came quickly. I’ve struggled with diaphragm calls for a long time and love this set up. I’m impressed with the sound of it. I can’t wait to put it through its paces this year and for years to come.

  57. Shane Martens (verified owner)

    I struggled using traditional bugle calls in the past but this has changed the game for me. I have really enjoyed teaching my youngest to use the Enchantress for our up coming elk hunts this fall. Could not be happier with how easy it is to make cow and bull calls with the push of a button.

  58. Rnady (verified owner)

    Can’t beat this all-in-one call! As a newbie to the diaphragm calls I half expected a learning curve, but picked it up right away, super pleased! It will be my cow call of choice as well!

  59. Mark M.

    This call is amazing! I have never have had much luck with traditional reeds or bugling and after a month or so of using this call I sound like a seasoned pro. I just ordered one for my hunting partner. I would highly recommend the call!

  60. Arthur Hill (verified owner)

    Unable to use a mouth calls properly I bought this call hoping it would make a difference. I was not disappointed. Easy to use and doesn’t take long to master calls for cow and bull. Sounds are perfect. Can’t wait to put it to the test.

  61. Bob Duey

    After a bit of practice I know this call will work. I can stand at my back door and get answers already… within minutes of the first attempt. This will be FUN!

  62. Loren Ashley (verified owner)

    This elk call/bugle is top notch in my opinion!! I love mine, using diaphragms I have a hard time keeping consistent pressure to make a good bugle, with the Enchantress it is almost effortless. At the time I bought mine I had also bought one for my hunting parter. His for whatever reason didn’t sound anything like mine so I sent Slayer an email, and without any question or hesitation they sent me another push button call, the next day. Very pleased with the product and the customer service!! Will definitely be using in the future! You guys are great, thank you so much!!

  63. Jamison Creekmore

    This is going to take over the elk hunting industry! Incredibly easy to use and the sound is phenomenal. Great for those getting into elk hunting, and for those who struggle to use a diaphragm call.

  64. Dustin

    This is such an awesome product! Out of the box I was able to start making calls that sound great, with zero experience. The more time I spend practicing with this call, I’m learning new techniques and it’s satisfying. Now I just need to learn when to use it in a hunt so I’m not out in the woods scaring everything away haha!

  65. Terry (verified owner)

    As a NM Big Game guide this call changes the game for me. Easy to use two calls in one. Easy to use with great realistic sounds. Highly recommend.

  66. Robert (verified owner)

    Very easy to use. Great tool to have on hand. Very attentive customer service. Highly recommend.

  67. Mari (verified owner)

    This product works great! works as described! Really got the cows and bulls talking!

  68. Marcellus Jeter (verified owner)

    I’ve always been a reed caller and I purchased this bugle to help a friend which is not so good with reeds and I end up calling every year. When the call arrived I started playing with it and needless to say I had my friend order his own. What I like about the call is the versatility, bugles, cow calls and in the end if you want to use it just as a tube you can. It is very simple to use, you can change your sounds and pitches just using your thumb. You don’t have to blow hard to make the sounds. One of the best calls I’ve ever used. I’ve referred 3 friends who purchased the call and they all love it.

  69. Rob (verified owner)

    Slayer hit it out of the park with this call. You can make some of the easiest cow calls and bugle with call. Regardless of your experience calling you can sound like an elk. I will definitely be using this call in the woods this year and many more to come.

  70. Kamil (verified owner)

    Best elk call I’ve used that genuinely makes authentic bugles and cow sounds. This is 2nd one I’ve bought. Lost first one on a mountain elk hunting. Will be buying a 3rd to keep as a backup.

  71. Robert Beale (verified owner)

    Slayer knocked it out of the park with this call. Unbelievably easy to sound like you have been calling for years. The ability to make great bugles and cow calls with same call with no additional calls. Great job Slayer and thank you.

  72. Loren Miller

    WOW what a great company to work with as well as their product! Their Enchantress push button elk call w/ the swagger bugle tube is a bugle that most anybody should be able to use. And it sounds great!! Keep up the great work!!

  73. Michael Hamilton (verified owner)

    I bought my hunting partner this call for his birthday. Off course I had to try it and loved how easy it was to use. So I had to get him another one because I didn’t want to give it up. Better a late then not get him anything!! This is the easiest call I have ever used.

  74. Jason Wallace

    What a game changer! We have all used two different calls and know searching for them can be a pain in the heat of the moment. Not to mention this cow call can be herd from far and wide freaking love it! Highly recommend this call!

  75. Taras Pavlyuk

    I got the Enchantress and I am very impressed. Slayer makes excellent calls.

  76. Ross

    This is a great call. Easy to use. Customer service was amazing. I had a small issue with the call itself. They contacted me to check in and see how I liked it before I had a chance to contact them. I told them the issue. They said they were aware of issue and had fixed it and sent me a brand new one. I 100% would recommend this company. Great job Slayer team

  77. Dallas R.

    Simply too easy to use! And it puts out a very realistic sound – well done Slayer!

  78. Stephen Gadberry

    I’m from Arkansas and elk hunting is new to me. Although I didn’t grow up around elk, I knew that a lot of external calls didn’t sound real. The Enchantress is freaking amazing! It sounds like real elk and not a toy. I’m impressed at the various types of vocalizations it can make too. Most external calls are limited to one sound. This does it all from calf to cow to bull elk. I highly recommend it.

  79. Chad

    Great call, super easy to use and sounds great!

  80. Justin

    This is an awesome easy to use call. Very wide array of sounds you can make with very little effort. Love the fact you can soft calf and cow call make those very soft sounds without having to think about it.

  81. Brionna owner of Elk Hollow Guide Service (verified owner)

    I love this call!!!!! Best thing on market. Spot on for cow elk sounds supper easy to use really love everything about it. Bought it for all my guides this season. The sounds are endless you can make with this call.

  82. Devin Heydt

    Such a great call. My son’s are not able to use a reed very well and this was the answer. They love it. The cow calls you can make are endless. Bugling is working as well.

  83. Joe G (verified owner)

    Great product! Super easy to use and realistic sounds. I have the Enchantress and bugle and love it. Oh and customer service has been great. Get yours, you’ll be glad you did.

  84. Jim Hall (verified owner)

    I have been practicing for years and in one weekend with the new call I can create a realistic call. Customer Service was great and they have replacement reeds coming for the enchantress. Can/t wait to get out in the Elk Woods. Proud to be a patron of a great local Company.

  85. Caleb (verified owner)

    Awesome call and very easy to use!

  86. Josh G (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Sounds great, looks great. Great customer service and fast shipping to Canada!

  87. Jon (verified owner)

    Easiest call ever used, perfect cow and calf sounds with rasp. Lip bawl bugle easy and sounds wonderful. Will further my review when Colorado bulls respond next month !! Customer service and ordering from this company is perfect !!!!!

  88. Scott (verified owner)

    Love this call. Sound range is amazing and super easy to master. Cannot wait to put it to good use come September.

  89. Casey Thompson (verified owner)

    Super simple to use. I can use diaphragm calls for turkey but always struggle when calling elk. Game changer for me no doubt

  90. Dale Listul (verified owner)

    This call makes sounds I’ve never heard from other calls. Extremely easy to use. Customer service was excellent and quick to respond to all my questions.

  91. Doug Chadwick (verified owner)

    Very well designed / constructed call and easy to use. Makes amazing full range cow/calf calls. Looking forward to putting to use this September!!

  92. Josh (verified owner)

    So far best call I have tried. Looking forward to using it this month in Oregon for a bull. More to post soon hopefully with a nice bull!

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Realistic push call, connects easily to the Swagger tube (included in this combo) for lifelike cow sounds and bugle.